10 Best Blogs To Follow About Technology

10 Best Blogs To Follow About Technology

10 Best Blogs To Follow About Technology

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Whether you are a tech geek or not, we all must keep up with the rapidly changing world of technology. Luckily, for us non-techies, there are smarty-pants out there who follow the latest and know how to explain it to the rest of us.

Whether it is a game-changing product or a software change that might affect your biz, here is a look at 10 of the best technology blogs—in no particular order—that you should be following.

1: How-To Geek

For geeks and non-geeks, this site gives practical advice on everything tech, from the basic, the advanced, as well as product reviews and general nerd knowledge. The wide range of topics covers everything from iPhone’s iOS10 to hard drive backup advice, to Pokémon.

2: The Official Google Blog

You can’t talk tech and ignore Google. Although you might worry that this is just a sales site, it also contains a lot of helpful info. Yes, you will learn about Google, but you will also uncover a lot of other information that can help your business.

3: Tech Crunch

Although this blog site certainly targets a more tech-savvy crowd, you can’t dismiss the vast amount of information you will learn here. They cover product launches, review apps, and provide info on just about everything on the net.

4: Mashable

Originally a tech blog, Mashable seems to cover just about everything these days. This blog is for those who prefer their technology news on the light side or on the heavy side with servings of pop culture and entertainment.

5: ZDNet

Considered the grandfather of tech blogs, this one has been around longer than any other on this list. They cover the gamut of tech news, plus product launches and reviews, technology-related business analysis, and more. For PC fans as well as Apple aficionados.

6: Wired

This well-known blog site is good for the average web reader. They cover more than just technology, covering news, current events, and business in straightforward language. It May not be techy enough for the hard-core geeks.

7: Gizmodo

Perhaps a bit less serious in tone than others on this list, Gizmodo has been a tech go-to blog for years. They have a good combination of technology know-how combined with wit and humor.

8: GigaOM

GigaOM has become one of the largest blogs worldwide thanks to its reputation for focusing on what’s new and what’s next. Learn about tech companies, startups, social media, software and more from this roster of writers and analysts.

9: Seth Godin

This popular blogger and author is known for out-of-the-box thinking combined with legitimate tech knowledge. An excellent resource for when you have a specific question/problem or just want to read up on the latest technology updates

9: ReadWrite

Previously known as ReadWriteWeb, this blog is known for reliable insight written by a team of reputable writers and journalists as well as guest bloggers. Learn about tech, emerging companies, and anything related to the Internet of Things.

This list is a current round-up of some of the best technology blogs on the Internet. We used various factors to compile this list; however, since we all have different preferences they will not be the same ones on your top 10 tech list. If we missed one of your favorites, post a comment and let us know!

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