Four Steps to Get Rid of Ground Moles Using Dawn Soap

Four Steps to Get Rid of Ground Moles Using Dawn Soap

how to get rid of ground moles with dawn soap
Four Steps to Get Rid of Ground Moles Using Dawn Soap

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Moles can be bothersome animals. They create underground tunnels that make it tough to run or walk on your land.

Additionally, if they begin to burrow close to the foundation of your home, their presence is not only unattractive but also potentially dangerous.

How therefore do you eradicate these bothersome creatures?

Although it may seem unusual, Dawn soap works well to get rid of moles since it is a natural mole repellant.

Continue reading to find out more about using Dawn soap to get rid of ground moles.

Guide, Step-by-Step

Moles can be a major pain.

They create underground tunnels, which makes it challenging to walk or garden in your yard.

If you’ve ever attempted to eliminate them on your own, you are aware of how difficult it can be.

Fortunately, there is a simple method to get rid of these annoying creatures with Dawn soap.

It has the aromas that drive moles away.

How to Get Ready

Moles will be drawn to your lawn if there are a lot of grubs there.

Eliminate the food source, and they will therefore be less inclined to return.

In addition to castor oil for moles and Dawn dish soap, it is a powerful method of repelling moles.

  • Water
  • dish soap Dawn
  • casting oil
  • Natural mole repellent such as castor oil can be used in your yard.
  • Because moles do not appreciate the oil’s powerful aroma, it is effective.
  • By using this recipe, you can create your own homemade castor oil mole repellant.
  • a landscape sprayer with a hose.

Step1: Determine the locations of active moles.

Given that moles are underground animals and rarely come to the surface, this can be challenging.

  • But there are a few warning indicators you may watch out for:
  • Moles create molehills, which are little mounds of dirt that they push upward as they burrow.
  • Runways: Moles dig long, straight tracks across your lawn or garden as they move back and forth beneath the ground.
  • Plant Damage: As moles tunnel under the soil, they may devour the roots of plants or fracture their stems.

Step 2: Combine the remedy.

Open the hose end sprayer and add 2 tablespoons of Dawn liquid dish soap and about 5 ounces of castor oil.

Next, add clean water to the sprayer.

Ensure that the lid is on tightly and agitate the mixture for a few minutes.

Step 3: Spray the locations of active moles.

Spray the mixture all around the perimeter of your property, paying close attention to any spots where moles appear to be active.

Make sure to completely soak the ground.

The soap’s aroma will deter moles and keep them at bay.

Until the moles are gone, you can carry out this procedure again every few days or as necessary.

In addition, you might need to reapply after significant rain.

Step 4: Remove molehills and dispose of them after two weeks.

You might be able to find the tunnel entrance if the ground is still soft.

If you discover it, seal it off with a rock or piece of metal to prevent the mole from returning.

Spray the mole activity areas every other day for another two weeks after the molehills have been eliminated.

By doing this, you can drive away any moles that may still be there and stop them from coming back.

Additional advice for removing ground moles:

  • When handling the soap combination, wear gloves because it can irritate skin.
  • Make sure your dogs can’t access the treated areas until the soap mixture has dried if you have pets.
  • Garlic and cayenne pepper are two additional all-natural repellents that you can experiment with.
  • Reapply after it rains, but only if necessary.
  • The number of moles on your property should start to significantly decline after four weeks.
  • You might need to repeat the procedure every few months if your mole deterrent problem is extremely bad in order to keep them at bay.

Questions and Answers

Exists a Different Homemade Mole Repellent Recipe?

Another efficient method for permanently eliminating these pests is to make your own mole poison.

In addition to preparing Dawn soap and castor oil, you can also add urine and ammonia to the mixture to produce a repulsive odour.

How Can Moles Be Removed With Dawn Dish Soap?

A strong detergent noted for its capacity to remove grease and oil off surfaces is Dawn dish soap.

It contains biodegradable surfactants that aid in reducing the water’s surface tension and enable deep penetration into the mole’s fur.

When it gets past the fur, it starts dissolving the skin cells and kills the mole.

Moles: Can Dawn dish soap kill them?

Moles can be removed quickly and easily using Dawn dish soap.

It is both gentle enough to use on your dogs and safe to use on your skin.

Dawn dish soap is the solution to your problem if you have a mole problem.


Dawn dish soap can be the solution you’re looking for if you want to get rid of bothersome ground moles quickly and affordably.

This step-by-step manual will provide all the information you require.

Of course, before attempting to permanently get rid of any pests or animals from your property, we always advise calling a professional!

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