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The first thing to understand and accept is that fear is normal. And your fear of driving yourself is not unique. Absolutely everyone is afraid. Only someone disguises it better than you.

What lies behind the fear of driving?

– Getting into an accident. Traffic mishap videos are among the most popular on the Internet, so there are numerous circumstances in our library of memories that we would not wish to enter, even if we have actually not yet experienced an extreme mishap. However, the instinct of self-preservation prevents us from confidently taking the steering wheel into our own hands.

– Fear of not coping with the situation. Shame and shame when you do something wrong in front of an astonished audience. This fear has been in us since childhood. The bad news is that this is also not very pleasant. Good – dealt with the fear of shame then – handle it now.

Let’s go!


Be afraid, but don’t let it stop you!

Take plenty of wipes to wipe sweaty palms and get behind the wheel through “I cannot.” Confidence comes after the first five thousand kilometres. Drive around during your free time, not when you need to travel for business. Fear of being late for important business meetings will exacerbate your driving anxiety, and you will never get into the driver’s seat. Let driving become your hobby first. Choose grocery stores that are further from home but in your area to practice manoeuvres with no frenzied movement: the more practice, the less fear.

Home routes

Choose first the proven routes that you travelled as a passenger. The familiar atmosphere will relieve tension, and you only need to follow the signs and markings while not being distracted by new signs, incomprehensible interchanges, etc.

The early bird catches the worm!

The best time when you can go to the main road is in the morning on weekends. Why? Because there are not many cars on the roads at this time, which means that you will not annoy other drivers, and it will bring you harmony.

Drive on a suburban highway

After skating the “home” routes, it is better to get used to the “big” road after skating the “home” routes on a suburban street. There are more free movement sections there, and there are fewer intersections and junctions than in the city. In splendid isolation, of course, there is no need to leave. Take an experienced driver with you so that he can prompt or help call for help in difficult times if the car breaks down on the track.


The “novice driver” sign as a shield will protect you from the aggression of other drivers on the road. They, of course, can swear in their cars, but at least they will beep less and speak obscenely in an open window addressed to you—a nice bonus for placing a yellow sign.

Ride for the company

Feel like a vital minister or even a president – go out onto the roads accompanied by another car, driven by someone you know. Look at the signs and follow the escort ahead of you. And also ask one of your friends to sit next to you – in the passenger seat. This will create a more welcoming atmosphere and help take your mind off the anxious thoughts of a possible accident.

Counteractive or extreme driving courses

Taking classes in such courses increases not only the level of driving skills but also inner confidence. Not all schools have it, but opt for specialized schools with more than 20 years of experience in training drivers and can increase the level of professionalism of a driver of any level. There is no limit to perfection.

Bonus tip:

Always ensure that your tyres are in pristine condition. It would help if you looked up “tyres in Sharjah” or whatever city you are in to check for updates and hold the manufacturer responsible in case things go wrong.

Combat morale for a great ride

Getting behind the wheel in a good mood, positive emotions from communication, watching a movie, for example, “Fast and the Furious”, or your favourite refreshing music will help set you up in the right mood.

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