How to remove Aphrodite Tech Results

How to remove Aphrodite Tech Results

remove aphrodite tech results
How to remove Aphrodite Tech Results

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What is AphroditeResults

The AphroditeResults (AphroditeTechResults) virus alters browser settings and only targets Macintosh computers. Infected machines may display a warning that Google Chrome has disabled an extension called AphroditeResults (or AphroditeTechResults), which attempts to enable itself and change the homepage and search engine to

Users typically install these extensions unwittingly after an undesirable program is downloaded and installed on the computer. The symptoms are similar to those caused by browser hijackers, designed to “enhance” browsing. However, they are designed to steal sensitive information (such as passwords, histories, IP addresses, and geolocations) and send it to hackers to generate income. Furthermore, suspicious advertising that hangs over pages and contains malicious redirects is a common result of such intrusions.

Even if you delete the add-on from your browser, the application will reinstall it immediately. Instead, you should scan your device for PUPs (potentially undesirable apps) and remove them if they are discovered. As soon as we cover how it is disseminated, you’ll have all the information you need to get started.

How AphroditeResults infected your computer

Bundling is a notorious method of spreading potentially unwanted software like adware and browser hijackers. When you bundle, you’re essentially downloading software that has been repackaged and hosted on dubious websites. Such repacks frequently include hidden extras in their advertisements.

Inattentive consumers who speed through the setup process assist developers. As a result, “Advanced/Custom” areas laden with unused software go unnoticed. It’s important to remember that software bundling is a perfectly acceptable marketing strategy for some businesses.

Still, it’s typically used for evil ends. Ads that look like tempting banners or coupons should also be avoided since they may include dangerous redirects. The instructions below will help you uninstall AphroditeResults from your Mac and protect your data and identity.

Remove AphroditeResults manually for free.

Note: AphroditeResults can be configured to launch automatically with Mac OS. It is recommended to follow the following procedures before beginning the removal:


  1. Choose Users & Groups in the System Preferences menu.
  2. Pick Your Profile (set up as Current User).
  3. Find the tab labeled “Login Items” and click on it.
  4. The “AphroditeResults” entry should be located. To delete it, check the box next to it and click the “-” (minus) button.

Note 2: To discontinue AphroditeResults, you must utilize the Force Quit option rather than simply closing the window.

  1. Combining the functions of the Option, Command, and Esc keys (Escape). Think of this as using Control, Alt, and Delete on a Windows PC.
  2. Pick one of the outcomes beginning with “Aphrodite” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Follow the link to the “Force Quit” button.

An in-depth, manual walkthrough of uninstalling AphroditeResults is provided here. The newest AphroditeResults installer on the most up-to-date OSes and browsers confirmed a 99% success rate.

Remove AphroditeResults from Applications

Remove AphroditeResults from Mac:

  1. In the Finder sidebar, click Applications.
  2. AphroditeResults might have an Uninstaller. If you see Uninstall AphroditeResults or AphroditeResults Uninstaller, double-click it and follow the onscreen instructions.
  3. Drag from the Applications folder to the Trash Folder (located at the end of the Dock).
  4. Then choose Finder > Empty Trash.

Cannot uninstall AphroditeResults

You can use the free AppCleaner for Mac to completely remove traces of AphroditeResults, even if you’ve already tried to delete it using the methods above, and it keeps reinstalling itself. What you need to do is listed below:

  1. Download free AppCleaner.
  2. Drag from the Applications folder to the AppCleaner window.
  3. Choose files and folders you want to remove along with AphroditeResults.
  4. Click the Delete button.

Remove the AphroditeResults add-on from your browsers.

In most cases, removing from Applications does not solve the problem. Since it is an add-on and-on for browsers, it could still be functional in Chrome and Firefox. 

Follow these steps to uninstall the AphroditeResults add-on from your browser.


  1. Run Safari on your Mac, click Safari to open the drop-down menu and select Preferences
  2. Click the Extensions tab.
  3. Find AphroditeResults or AphroditeTechResults extension.
  4. Click the Uninstall button to remove it.

Google Chrome:

  1. Start the Google Chrome browser
  2. In the address box, type (or copy-paste) chrome://extensions.
  3. Find AphroditeResults or AphroditeTechResults extension.
  4. Click the trash can icon to vacate it.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Start the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. In the address box, type (or copy-paste) about add-ons.
  3. Choose AphroditeResults or AphroditeTechResults extension.
  4. Click the Disable or Remove button.

Reset browser settings

Finalize the uninstallation of AphroditeResults by resetting your browser settings to ensure that no remnants of the extension remain in the browser’s data directories.

Reset Safari:

  1. Run Safari on your Mac, click Safari to open the drop-down menu and choose Preferences
  2. Go to the Privacy section of Safari’s preferences.
  3. Click the Remove All Website Data button.
  4. In the window, click the Remove Now button to remove data stored by websites in Safari.
  5. Head to the Advanced section of Safari’s preferences.
  6. Click the Show Develop menu in the menu bar option.
  7. In the menu, click Develop and select Empty Caches from this menu.
  8. Again, go to the Safari menu and choose Clear History.
  9. Choose to clear all history and click the Clear History button.

Google Chrome Reset:

  1. Start the Google Chrome browser
  2. In the address box, type (or copy-paste) chrome://settings.
  3. Scroll down and locate the Show advanced settings link.
  4. Click on it and scroll down to the underside again.
  5. Click the Reset settings button and click Reset to confirm.

Reset Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Start the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. In the address box, type (or copy-paste) about support.
  3. Click the Refresh Firefox button.
  4. Click Refresh Firefox to confirm.

Delete these AphroditeResults directories and files:

~/Library/Application Support/AphroditeResults





Use the Mac version of AdGuard to prevent annoying ads from sites like AphroditeResults from appearing on your screen.

AdGuard is the top choice for Mac users seeking an ad blocker, web filter, and security suite. Removes ads, blocks pop-ups, prevents redirected pages, and safeguards visitors from malicious sites. You can use it to get rid of browser adverts for AphroditeResults.

How can I safeguard my Mac against AphroditeResults and other adware?

Mac OS X is one of the safest operating systems, so it didn’t need antivirus software for a long time. However, viruses, trojans, adware, toolbars, hijackers, and other malware prepared the way for Mac users with the rising popularity of Mac computers and notebooks and expanding technologies. It would be best if you used Malwarebytes for Mac, one of the best anti-malware programmes for Macs.

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