Le Labo Noir 29 dossier.co: A Wonderful Smelling Perfume

Le Labo Noir 29 dossier.co: A Wonderful Smelling Perfume

Le Labo Noir 29 dossier.co
Le Labo Noir 29 dossier.co: A Wonderful Smelling Perfume

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Le Labo Noir 29 Dossier is a scent that is heavily influenced by black tea. The sweet and airy aroma, combined with the distinct aroma of tea, both relaxes and awakens you. It has a long-lasting scent with a thick sillage and a sensational fragrance.

However, the Dossier Citrus Tea scent is very similar to the Le Labo Noir 29 Dossier.co. It has a similar scent with only minor differences in the scent.

So, which one is it? Should you purchase the Le Labo Noir 29 or the Dossier version? That’s why I’m here to make the decision for you. Here’s a full comparison of the two scents and how they compare.

What to Expect From Le Labo Noir 29 Dossier:

Le Labo Noir 29 Dossier has a scent that is similar to black tea. Although it does not directly use black tea, the combination of tobacco sensations with cedar wood and hay creates a sensual and addictive essence similar to black tea leaf wraps.

Dossier’s Citrus Tea, on the other hand, uses a special black tea extraction as a note, though it’s in the top notes. Citrus Tea’s heart is made of tobacco and vetiver. There’s also the scent of jasmine, which is surprising in a perfume that smells like black tea. You can place your perfumes in the shopping bag for online purchases and receive free shipping. You can contact the Dossier team if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Dossier Citrus Tea vs. Le Labo Noir 29:

The Le Labo Noir 29 is a unisex perfume that is similar to Dossier’s Citrus Tea. There are, however, a few minor differences, particularly in the scent and its many notes. For example, Le Labo Noir 29 contains no black tea essence, whereas the Dossier has it in the top notes.

Aside from that, there are several differences, which are all listed below:

Le Labo Thé Noir 29:

The Aroma:

Le Labo Noir 29 is a unisex fragrance that is aromatic and woody. It is inspired by the various fragrances emitted by black tea. It has a woody and fresh spicy main accords with a hint of sweetness and fruity. When dried down, the scent contains tobacco and smells powdery and earthy.

Top notes in this scent include fig, bergamot, noble leaf, and bay leaves. Fig and bergamot are highly fruity scents that smell both sweet and citrusy. Bay Leaf is a strong scent that gives the fragrance a green leafy accord.

As the top notes fade away, the middle notes become more noticeable. Cedar, Musk, and Vetiver are among them. This is a rather unusual combination because these ingredients are commonly used in base notes.

Cedar is a woody scent that is most commonly associated with natural parks. Conversely, Musk has a sweet and aromatic scent, whereas vetiver has a herbaceous essence. Vetiver, in particular, is a highly addictive scent that evokes longing in those who smell it.

Following that are the base notes, which include Hay and Tobacco. Despite its prevalence in the physical world, hay is a unique ingredient that is rarely used in the perfumery. It smells earthy, powdery, and grassy. Tobacco is most commonly recognized as a smoky fragrance that promotes addiction.

One of the unique aspects of the Le Labo Noir 29 Dossier.co is that, despite the fact that it is designed to smell like black tea, it does not contain black tea. Instead, it relies on various herbal and earthy scents to emit that aroma.

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Sillage And Longevity:

Aside from scent, longevity is a key factor in determining perfume quality. If your perfume is of higher quality, it will last longer, at least in terms of concentration. The scent of the Le Labo Noir 29 cologne is an Eau de Parfum that can last up to 8 hours. It has a 15% to 20% concentration, making it ideal for long workdays and nights.

Another consideration is sillage, which refers to how long the perfume lingers in the air before dispersing. The stronger the sillage, the longer the perfume remains in the air without settling. Sillage indicates that you will leave aromatic perfume trails wherever you go.

The sillage of the Le Labo Noir 29 is moderate to strong. This means that the perfume trail will last for quite some time before dissipating.

When Should You Wear It:

It doesn’t matter what scent you have if you’re wearing it at the wrong time. Fortunately, the Le Labo Noir can be worn both day and night. But what does day or night mean in this context?

Day scents are light and airy, with lower saturation. Night scents are generally stronger and more saturated. Fortunately, the Le Labo Noir 29 Dossier is somewhere in the middle, with a fresh and robust scent.

Seasons also have an impact on how perfume affects you and those around you. The Le Labo Noir 29 is a winter scent rather than a summer scent. As a result, it is best suited for fall, winter, and spring. However, summer is not recommended for summer because of its warm aura.

Dossier Citrus Tea:

The Aroma:

Citrus tea is a psychologically stimulating scent that defies perfumery conventions. Contrary to what is typically found in perfumes, it has a distinct set of top, middle, and base notes.

The fragrance is a great alternative to Le Labo Noir 29 Dossier, light and airy with a hint of depth. It alternates between fresh and sober, blending a hay and wood infusion with the sweet scent of black tea.

Dossier’s scent features some strong top notes. Black Tea, Bergamot, and Fig are among them. This scent provides the characteristic fresh aroma of black tea. Bergamot and Fig are sweet fruity scents with citrus undertones. They enhance the aroma of tea and make it more pleasurable to drink.

They don’t last long, given that they’re only the top notes. As a result, they are replaced by the middle notes, which last the longest. Bay Leaf, Jasmine, Vetiver, and Tobacco are among them. Jasmine is a white floral fragrance that is frequently associated with femininity. Bay Leaf and Vetiver are pure green fragrances, with vetiver particularly addictive. Tobacco, with its smoky, earthy aroma, is another addictive ingredient.

Finally, you can hear the base notes after the heart notes have faded. Cedarwood, Hay, Incense, Musk, and Peach are among them. Cedarwood has a forest-like woody aroma and is a common ingredient in such perfumes. Peach and Musk are both sweet, with the peach being fruity and the Musk aromatic. With only minor differences, it smells similar to Le Labo Noir 29 Dossier.co.

Sillage and longevity:

Longevity is what makes perfumes more qualitative and useful over time. If your perfume fades after a few hours of application, it’s no good unless that’s the effect you’re going for.

Given that Citrus Tea by Dossier is an Eau de Parfum scent, it’s safe to say that it lasts a long time. This scent can last up to 8 hours or more depending on the weather. The perfume contains 15% to 20% fragrance, with the remainder being alcohol.

Remember that many factors, including where you apply the perfume, can affect its longevity. For best results, apply the Dossier Citrus Tea to your pulse points – on the wrists and behind the ears.

In terms of sillage, the perfume has a fairly thick sillage. This perfume lingers for a long time, leaving a lasting impression on those around you.

When Should You Wear It:

Wearing your perfume at the right time is critical to maximizing its potential. Fortunately, Dossier’s Citrus Tea fragrance is available as a day and night scent. It’s light and airy, making it ideal for wearing to work or college during the day. And at night, the scent is strong enough to enchant everyone around you.

The scent is a winter scent, best used in the winter, fall, and early spring. This scent, however, should not be used in the summer. It has a very warm scent that is more appropriate for the colder months.

Which Is Better: Le Labo Noir 29 Dossier.co or Citrus Tea?

So the question is, which is better: Le Labo Noir 29 or Citrus Tea by Dossier?

According to the ingredients list, citrus Tea is the only one that uses black tea. This means it’s the most similar to the scent of tea. The addition of fig and bergamot rounds out the scent with citrus undertones.

However, the Le Labo Noir 29 Dossier.co has a strong scent as well. It approaches the essence of tea with its woody heart notes and tobacco use. However, because the Citrus Tea Le Labo Noir 29 Dossier clone is the most similar, it is clearly the winner here.

Of course, the point of a tea-flavored fragrance isn’t to smell exactly like tea – that would be revolting. Instead, a good tea perfume would incorporate other scents to enhance the experience.

Citrus tea, as the name suggests, contains citrus fruits such as bergamot and figs. There’s also a peach base note for extra pleasure. The same fruits are used in the Le Labo Noir 29 Dossier, but Musk is added for extra sweetness. Citrus tea also contains jasmine, which adds a floral note to the scent.

Sillage and longevity are both quite long-lasting. Both perfumes are suitable for both men and women. Because of their warm nature, they are both winter and fall scents.

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