Naomi Burton-Crews: All you need to know about Terry Crews Daughter

Naomi Burton-Crews: All you need to know about Terry Crews Daughter

Naomi Burton Crews
Naomi Burton-Crews: All you need to know about Terry Crews Daughter

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Terry Crews is one of Hollywood’s most well-known actors. Crews is very proud to be Naomi Burton-Crews’ father. Their friendship is remarkable. Learn more about Terry Crews’s daughter, Naomi Burton-Crews.

Terry Crews and Rebecca King-Crews have been married for three decades. They’ve seen it all, including the ups and downs. They’ve had their share of issues, including Terry’s infidelity.

Terry, according to Rebecca, became a more caring and compassionate family man after his difficult times. Terry’s feelings for Naomi and their children have grown stronger as the relationship has progressed.


Naomi Burton Crews was born in 1989. Naomi is from the first marriage of Rebecca and Charles Burton. They divorced when their daughter was still a baby.

After Rebecca married Terry, Terry, who was new to parenting, became Naomi’s father. The “Brooklyn 99” star raised the young girl as his own.

Unlike her famous stepfather, Naomi spent her childhood away from the spotlight. Naomi appeared in the 2010 family reality show. “The Crews of the Family.”

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Naomi is a reserved individual, especially on social media. Naomi and her family, on the other hand, were in a reality TV show together. Her Instagram account has also been restricted. “@nano.bubbles” is also a private account.

Although Naomi is a quiet presence, she cannot avoid becoming involved in Terry’s public life. Her parents told Terry this story in 2010 as they prepared to become grandparents.

Naomi has become a mother and is raising Miley. However, little is known about Naomi’s adorable child. In July of that year, the little girl was spotted on the red carpet with her grandparents.

Terry, a newly minted grandfather, told HipHollywood that while he is feeling old, he is thrilled to have Miley as a member of their family. Rebecca, in the meantime.

“I’M STILL NOT USED TO THE TITLE OF GRANDMA… I adore her, but please call me something other than Grandma!”

Miley is seen sleeping in the background, dressed in a small pink and green dress with a white headband. According to her friends, Rebecca stated that her granddaughter could call her. The future is “glam-ma.”


Naomi has four younger brothers and sisters. Azriel was born in 1990 and has been acting professionally since her father’s death. Azriel appeared on the show on a regular basis. “I Deliver It” “Katy Keene”2020 in 2019

Saiah, born in 2005, is the youngest of the siblings. He has the most acting experience as well.

Azriel, who co-starred in the 2020 series with Lucy Hale, demonstrated her singing abilities. Azriel has also appeared on another television show. “Younger,” was broadcast in 2021.

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