Problems and Measures for Epson Printers

Problems and Measures for Epson Printers

Epson printer not printing color
Problems and Measures for Epson Printers

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Printers are known as the output devices of computers. The devices are used to print hard copies for the documents, graphics, etc present in the systems. Printers are of great use today because of the increase in the number of businesses, increase in technology for every age of persons. Starting from children printing notes, assignments, projects, etc, middle-aged people going to offices printing according to their requirement, old age people printing diaries or the ones who are working, printing the required data accordingly. Printing is not just a matter of just replicating data over pages, it is more about the quality with which it is replicated in the form of hard copy. This quality depends on the factor that is resolution. Resolution is the aspect of clarity and sharpness of images, data that is produced on sheets measured via a measuring unit called dpi ( dots per inch). Many problems can occur while printing. The major is Epson printer not printing color.

Problems and satisfying solutions for Epson printers?

 Power Supply:

  1. Power is not being supplied

Solution: Check whether printer voltage rating matches your electrical outlet voltage. If not then call the concerned dealer immediately.

2. Control panel lights are off, even when the printer is turned on

  • Improper plugging of the power cord into the electrical outlet.
  • Electrical outlet not working.


  • The power cord is not inserted properly into the electrical outlet or the printer.
  • Change the electrical outlet.


The printer is on but it doesn’t print.

  • The printer is on but it doesn’t print.

Solution: check if the interface cable is broken or not. If broken, replace it.

  • If the printer is not connected directly to the computer

Solution: make sure your printer works correctly when connected directly to the computer without the extension cables.

  • Incorrect Installation of Printer

Solution: Reinstall the printer driver.

  • Paper gets stuck

Solution: Turn off the printer, remove the stuck paper by opening the printer cover

  • Incorrect USB settings

Solution: Check and change according to the needful.

  • Printer stopping in different situations

Solution: Turn off the printer and then wait for some time to print.


If you are not able to start EPSON Scan for Business

  • Improper Scanner connections

Solution: Make sure the scanner is on with a proper connection to the USB cable.

  • Upgradation of the operating system.

Solution: Reinstall EPSON Scan for Business.

  • The scanned image has streaks.

Solution: Glass surface of the scanner is dirty, so, clean it with a soft dry lint-free cloth. Or if the surface is greased, clean it with glass cleaner.

  • You see dots on the scanned image

Solution: Incorrect threshold setting, adjust it to the auto threshold

  • Too dark scanned Images

Solution: The Brightness setting may not be correct. Adjust the Brightness accordingly.

  • Characters are not recognized well

Solution: Inappropriate settings for text recognition. Go for the text Enhancement option.

  • Different colors than original colors

Solution: The Image Type Settings are incorrect. Select the settings matching the original color.

Magnetic Ink Character Reading:

  1. Incorrect readability
  2. Electromagnetic waves from other products may be interfering.

Solution: Do not place near devices emitting Electromagnetic waves.

Paper Handling:

  • Not loading single-sheet paper

Solution– Paper is creased, old, too thin, or too thick. So,

Use new, clean sheets.

Network problems:

  1. Communication errors
  2. Multiple users logged into a single computer at the same time.

Solution: Ensure that the person using the printer has completed the job and the person is logged off.

2. Printer not printing while using the network.

  • Wrong Network settings

Solution: Check if other computers can print through this network. If yes then check your network settings and change them accordingly.

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