SEO for beginners: 5 tips for first place in Google

SEO for beginners: 5 tips for first place in Google

SEO for beginners: 5 tips for first place in Google

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Do you want to learn how to rank higher in Google? Then check out the video above. We give you a number of examples with which you can optimize your website for search engines.

Google Keyword Planner

Everyone who starts with SEO will sooner or later have to deal with the Google Keyword Planner . This is a free tool that provides insights into what search terms your users enter when they search for your services. By processing these keywords in strategic places of the website, your ranking in Google improves. SEO for beginners

Choose one topic per page

For each page on your website, you want to focus it on just one topic. This allows a search engine to better understand what your page is about. The search engine’s artificial intelligence (AI) improves every year, allowing it to better understand what your content is about. However, if you write about multiple topics on one page, it becomes more difficult for a search engine to determine for which keyword the page is most relevant. If you want to grow your business with a digital marketing company then go here.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are pieces of HTML that tell search engines what your page is about. Although you will not see the meta tags on the page itself, they are used in Google search results. There, for example, the title of your page and the short description are equal to the title and description meta tags. So try to write your meta tags in an informative and stimulating way so that Google encourages users to click on your link. SEO for beginners

Optimize content

You already notice: providing information to Google’s search robots is a recurring element. The same goes for optimizing your content. This way you clearly indicate what regular text is, what the main title is and what subtitles are. You can do this with H1 headers and H2 headings, which is roughly equivalent to ‘Heading 1’ and ‘Heading 2′ in Word. This way Google learns what important keywords are and what your pages are about. So try to provide headlines on every page and include important keywords in them.

Popularity and link building

If your own website is completely in tip-top shape, you want to see how you can promote your website in the outside world. This can be done, for example, through link building. SEO for beginners Get other websites to link to you to increase the popularity of your own website and gain more authority. There are free tools that allow you to see which links your competitor has. If you can find out whether you can also get a link on websites that link to your competitors, you are one step closer to the number 1 position in Google.


Hope you enjoy this content because here we share about your wants. Here we share SEO for beginners: 5 tips for first place in Google. I hope you get ideas about SEO . Get your new SEO ideas with our blog. So Thanks for visiting our blog. 

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